Bancserv’s fantastic Notary Team

Thank you for your interest in becoming a notary for Bancserv, where credibility and professionalism merge to provide top-notch signing solutions. We take pride in our team of experienced agents who are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of accuracy and ethics. Together let’s raise the bar of notarial excellence.


Bancserv Notary Requirements

Once you are accepted, the Bancserv Notary Department will email you with a username to our website where you will login to complete and upload the forms outlined below


Copy of Notary Commission (Stamp will not be accepted)


Copy of Driver’s License (Must be a color copy)


Copy of Errors & Omissions Policy (minimum $10,000 coverage)


Current W-9


Business References Form


Notaryserv - The Bancserv Mobile App

Our cutting-edge notary application gives notaries the power to:


Receive new appointments


View existing assignments


Navigate to appointment location


Perform one-touch dialing


Confirm the scheduled meeting time that has been set with the borrower/signer


Update & complete orders faster than ever before.

Available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Thank You for your interest in becoming a Bancserv Notary!

Due to the high volume of applications that we receive, our online registration is currently closed and will only be open on the 1st of every other month from 12:00pm PST to 3:00pm PST (Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov). All applications may not be approved. Please see the following guidelines for possible restrictions (Click to view Application Restrictions)

Once the online registration has opened, you will have 30 minutes to complete a signing agent test which you must pass with a 75% or higher score. After passing, the Notary Department will email you a username to our website where you will need to login to complete and upload the forms listed above in the "Bancserv Notary Requirements" area of our website. Please note that all documents must be completed and uploaded by the 15th of the month in order for your application to be completed. Incomplete submissions will result in cancellation of your application and you will need to wait until the following month to reapply with us.

Notary Frequently Asked Questions

Where knowledge and precision converge to empower notary professionals like you.

The Bancserv Notary App is designed to be a useful tool for our existing notary database in order to assist them in receiving signings within their area as well as updating existing orders. In order for a notary to be considered for an app profile, he/she must have completed a minimum of 10 successful signings with us. By successful we mean that all 10 signings must be completed on time, and without any mistakes. After this point we would consider you for mobile app orders.

As we receive orders for signings in your designated area, one of our schedulers will contact you via phone to see if you are available to accommodate the signing. This will be a brief phone call explaining the general details of the signing, including location, date and time, package type, and any other specific instructions from the Escrow Officer. At this point, you have the option to decline or accept the order. Once you have accepted a signing from one of our schedulers, you will be able to track, update, and close your orders online by logging into your account and viewing the section labeled “My Current Activity”.
Please note that not all notaries who are signed up with us receive orders. Order availability per notary depends on location, fees, and how impacted that specific area is with order amount and the number of notaries available to service them.

Once an order is entered into our system all notaries that service the signing area that have an active status and a current Background Check will be displayed to our Scheduling Team. Our schedulers will then choose a notary based on the following criteria; Location, Availability, Fees, Experience and Rating.

Your Notary Rating is determined by the number of successful orders you have competed. Our rating system ranges from New to Excellent. All new registrants will automatically default to “New”. Once a notary has completed the required 10 orders to be moved from “New” they will be moved to a “Good” rating and will then have access to mobile app orders. We require an additional 20 successful orders in order to move up your rating each tier after that.

Until we receive all of the documents listed in our Bancserv Notary Packet, you will not be eligible to receive orders from us. Once you are activated, you will appear as an available notary to our Scheduling Department. Depending on the area in which you live, we may have a high or low volume of orders available to you. If we have an order in your area, you will be on the list of active notaries that appear available to our schedulers. If you are not contacted for signings immediately, please do not get discouraged, as sometimes the availability of signings may be limited.

Bancserv is a nationwide mobile notary service. The amount of orders available to you is dependent on the orders we receive from our customers. More rural cities generally have less signing opportunities than densely populated cities and states.

Our fees do not account for rural locations or additional travel times that may be involved with some signings. We are also aware that there may be additional special requests made on certain signings. PRIOR TO your acceptance of the order we are happy to negotiate fees in those instances.

To receive payment for services, Notaries must report the completion status of every signing to Bancserv as soon as possible after the signing has been conducted, but no later than 9 am PST the next business day following the signing appointment. Notary can provide this information either by logging into our website with your username and password at www.bancserv.net, or by logging into our App with your username and PIN.
Bancserv shall disburse fees on the 1st and 16th day of each month (or the closest business day following each date) for signings completed through the prior day (month end or 15th, respectively). Accordingly, if a Notary provides services on March 16th, payment will be made on April 1st.